2015 Federal Budget Changes

Posted 22 Apr 2015 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Spring budgets often contain numerous goodies for Canadians and this is even truer in election years. Last night...

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How to Safely Send Sensitive Files

Posted 13 Apr 2015 by Natalie LeBlanc

With tax season in full swing, and some late or amended tax slips still arriving in your mailbox,...

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Automatic Withdrawals & Capital Gains

Posted 07 Apr 2015 courtesy of Invesco

Many investors have automatic withdrawals (AWD, or systematic withdrawal plans, SWP) that enable them to receive payments from...

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Helping Ailing Parents with Their Finances

Posted 02 Apr 2015 by Melissa Allan

Although your most important concern at this point is the illness of your parent and hopefully seeing them...

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Retirement Planning

Deciding Where to Live in Retirement

Posted 25 Mar 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

You may be living in the home where you have lived for many years and raised a family,...

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Calculating your Debt Ratio

Posted 19 Mar 2015 by Melissa Allan

Most of us have debt with the goal of becoming debt free down our path in life. As...

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Education Savings

Education Savings Grants

Posted 09 Mar 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

The cost of education is expensive and tuition fees, books, accommodation and living costs have been increasing faster...

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Big Tax Refund? Here's a Better Alternative

Posted 03 Mar 2015 courtesy of Dynamic Mutual Funds

When it comes to tax planning, many Canadians assume that a tax refund each spring is a positive...

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Estate Planning

Why You Need an Estate Plan

Posted 24 Feb 2015 by Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

One of what I consider to be the most important aspects of my job is to provide advice...

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