Rick is happy to introduce our new insurance rep: Bill Aasvangen

18 June 2021


The business of providing financial advice touches on a broad range of topics, and I feel that we can best serve our clients in this capacity through a team approach. With that goal in mind, I’m very pleased to announce the newest member of our team, Bill Aasvangen. Bill is a close personal friend who I’ve known for over 20 years who has come on board to be the resident insurance specialist for the office. As many of you know, for nine years, Melissa Allan served in this capacity, and I have been looking for someone to take on that role since she moved to Ontario several years ago. Bill has now taken over management of all of the life insurance policies issued by Melissa and me, as well as policies issued by my father and Paul Tattrie. He will also handle all advice related to, and servicing of, these policies. He will also be responsible for all placements of new policies for my investment clients in the future. Patricia Bell and Lorna Maughan will continue to write and service their own insurance business. Bill and I work closely together and will collaborate as needed in any new insurance needs. 

We are now in the early stages of the office reopening, so hopefully, you’ll be able to meet Bill the next time you are in the office. If you are an insurance client, Bill will also be reaching out shortly to provide his contact information if you have any questions about your existing policies.




Bill Aasvangen, MBA


Thank you Rick for the introduction.

Joining Trinity near Father’s Day is quite appropriate. My Father was a Chartered Life Underwriter for 35 years and I grew up understanding the importance of protecting your family from unexpected events. This really hit home from me when he passed away suddenly in his 50s. Unexpected events can happen even to my own family and friends.

I have come full circle in my career – my first job was an insurance advisor for London Life. But I have a love of travel and left London Life to join the World Trade Centre Halifax. There I was able to assist Nova Scotia companies to export globally. And I was fortunate to combine work with travel and visited over 40 countries in my 16 years with the World Trade Centre (10 years as Director).

Next, I became Executive Director of the CBDC Blue Water and assisted Nova Scotian companies again in the areas of lending and access to capital. But the lessons my Father taught me were never far away – whether encouraging friends going south to have travel insurance or explaining to companies how to insure that they will get paid by overseas clients.

Which now leads me to joining Trinity Wealth Partners. I will use my passion of helping people sleep better at night knowing that they, their families, and their business are protected. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals for the future.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

Best regards,


Bill Aasvangen