Business Update: Fall 2022

Richard Irwin |

I am very happy to have the dealer transition finally completed so that I am able to focus on other projects that will hopefully bring value to our clients. In this spirit, I am very excited to introduce a few new initiatives that we will be introducing in the New Year. These are all projects that I had been working on in 2021 that needed to be put on the shelf as we focused on the dealer transition, so I am happy to have them finally see the light of day!   

Client engagement survey: I recently partnered with a firm, Absolute engagement, to conduct a survey in January that will enable us to gain better insight into what subjects you feel are most relevant to your financial situation as well as what we fan be doing better to service you. I look forward to discussing the results with you in the coming months. If this survey prompts any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to reach out.     

Trinity Academy: We are launching a virtual learning platform in January on the Trinity Client Portal. Using a combination of articles, videos and infographics, we hope to create an engaging learning environment for those interested in advancing their financial knowledge.    

Digital Vault: We have partnered with Sidedrawer to offer clients a secure vault to store and share documents. There are many applications for this service and you can set permissions for who can access the folders, and when. One offering is a secure estate record keeper where you can upload all of your estate planning documents (wills power of attorney, medial directives and other document that you would like your executors to have immediate access to upon your passing.) Another application is at tax time. You can upload your tax documents as they come in and Traci Kerr, our resident tax preparer, will have access to the folder and we can send her information there as well. t