Retirement Coaching focuses on the following areas to help you develop a plan for your non-financial retirement goals: 

Lifestyle Transition

Assistance with adjusting to retirement and navigating life changes

Health and Wellness

Develop strategies to maintain physical and mental well-being during retirement

Social Engagement 

Establish opportunities for staying socially active and connected during retirement

Purpose Discovery

Exploration of meaningful activities and pursuits to fulfill your post-retirement dreams

Personal Growth

Address opportunities for self-discovery, learning, and personal development in retirement. 

Legacy Planning 

Guidance on creating a lasting legacy for future generations.



  • Professional and expert coaching with a Certified Retirement Coach and Occupational Therapist

  • Client-centered /custom-tailored program to meet your needs 

  • A personalized and comprehensive Retirement Plan for guidance and support  

  • In-person or virtual coaching sessions (or a hybrid of both)

  • Flexible schedule offering of times e.g. days, evenings, weekends

  • Total confidentiality and privacy 

  • Best practice tools and resources related to the field of retirement and life transition planning. 

  • The right to discontinue at any time

  • Down-to-earth communication with a sense of humor!

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