CRA’s Interest Relief 2020 - Do you meet the Criteria?

There has been a lot of talk lately with respect to the amount of untaxable income Canadians received with respect to the various government income support programs due to Covid 19. If you find yourself in a position of owing the taxman this year, you may qualify for interest relief.
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How to Claim Your Work From Home Expenses During COVID-19

Were you one of the nearly 5 million Canadians who was required to work from home this year due to Covid-19? If so, the Federal government announced on November 30th a new “no questions asked” $400 tax deduction to cover additional costs incurred for employees working from home in 2020. No receipts are required for this deduction and you will not need your employer to provide a T2200 Form – known as a “Declaration of Conditions of Employment.”

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