Your 360º Plan begins during your first meeting by uncovering areas of concern or opportunity to identify what matters most to you, both in the present and the medium to long term. Are you weighing the pros and cons of setting up an initial investment program versus paying down debt? Is a Tax Free Savings Account a better choice than an RSP? Are you considering setting up your own business? Are you dreaming of buying that farm in the Annapolis Valley, or perhaps spending a few retirement years in Prague? Do you want your kids to get through post-secondary school without worrying about tuition? Or are you concerned about whether you’ll be able to leave a legacy for your family through your estate upon your passing?

Your 360º Plan

Your 360º Plan accounts for all aspects of your financial life: 

  • Debt management; looking at both sides of the balance sheet
  • Estate planning considerations, such as leaving a legacy and intergenerational wealth planning;
  • Consideration of short and long-term tax implications of investment decisions, in both the accumulation (working years) and spending (retirement) phases;
  • Recognizing psychological elements of investing;
  • Assessment of your risk tolerance;
  • Lifestyle planning, along with financial planning.
360º Plan

Through the 360º process, our objectives are to deliver evergreen financial solutions to meet your comprehensive wealth management needs, educate you about often complex financial issues, and empower you to make confident, informed decisions.

After taking all elements of your current financial status into account, we will take the time to weigh your wants and needs against your current and potential future situation. During your second meeting, we will discuss recommendations and present your custom 360º Plan. At this point, we may recommend individual investment options, insurance plans, or other strategies to help get you on track to your goals.

Beyond the Plan

Financial planning is a dynamic and ongoing process, not a set-and-forget thing. Our passion is to cultivate long-term, hopefully multi-generational, relationships with our clients where we are viewed as essential partners in the shared goal of long-term financial success.