Partners in wealth can be defined several ways. First and foremost, it personifies the relationships we have with our clients; based on education and empowerment. Second, it refers to the team of advisors and support staff that we have built who work together to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. Finally, it captures the relationships we have formed with our strategic business partners who we have chosen to provide product solutions or specialized advice to help our clients reach their financial goals.

01. About Us

Our team is dedicated to partner with our clients to provide holistic wealth planning advice that will educate and empower. Through a combination of personal and digital engagement, we strive to deliver personalized financial solutions to help you sleep well at night.  

02. Our Philosophy

As a firm, our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them.  We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process, and we seek to build long-term relationships with clients to help guide them along this path.

03. Our Process

We developed our unique 360-degree planning process to understand what matters most to you and deliver solutions to achieve your goals.  We look at all areas of your financial life to develop a custom plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our Team

Lead, Insurance and Group Benefits

Bill is Trinity’s lead in the areas of insurance and group benefits. His personalized advice assists clients in building...

We provide evergreen wealth solutions for individuals and families to build trusted long-term relationships. Our goal is to educate, engage and empower you on the journey to financial success.

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Some of the key responsibilities of a trusted advisor is keeping on top of industry trends, evolving investment options and fund manager strategies. Regular reviews and contact with you allows us to ensure your holdings still meet your needs and objectives. Good advisors do this in part by participating in regular market calls and updates from the fund and portfolio managers with whom we’ve entrusted your hard-earned savings. While the recent months have been challenging...
Richard Irwin |
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