Everyone Needs An Estate Strategy

Richard Irwin |

Aretha Franklin's estate has been in the news later as a case study of what not to do when it comes to estate planning. The Queen of Soul passed in 2018, and years later, her loved ones are still caught in legal trials thanks to the existence of multiple wills; one of them handwritten and discovered under a couch cushion.

As heart-wrenching as this may be for her loved ones, it does highlight a universal truth: setting up a clear and thorough estate strategy can help families manage stress and legal battles after we're gone.

For example, a single will that has been witnessed, notarized, and shared with your loved ones in advance can play a key role in protecting your legacy. Other documents and tools can help, too, depending on your situation. We have both paper-based and collaborative digital estate planning tools available, as well as access to a team of trusted estate practitioners to help your executors navigate the challenges of estate settlement.  

While not a topic we love to discuss, estate conversations are important and take time, sensitivity, and care. We are here by your side, helping ensure your legacy continues as you envision it.