Denise Johnston CPRC

Certified Professional Retirement Coach

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Denise brings over 30 years of expertise as an Occupational Therapist, coupled with recent certification as a Professional Retirement Coach. With a passion for guiding individuals through life's transitions, Denise specializes in crafting "No Regrets" retirement plans, prioritizing the non-financial aspects of retiring and life beyond the workforce.

Throughout her extensive career, Denise has honed her skills in understanding the holistic needs of her clients, empowering them to thrive in every stage of life. Her approach blends her deep knowledge of occupational therapy with the insights gained from her coaching certification, providing a unique and comprehensive perspective on retirement planning.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Denise finds joy in outdoor leisure pursuits, including hiking, biking and swimming. She cherishes spending time with her three wonderful adult children, relishing shared experiences and creating lasting memories.         

Devoted to helping others live fulfilling and purpose-driven lives, Denise is committed to supporting individuals as they navigate the retirement journey and embrace the possibilities of the next chapter.